Saturday, January 3, 2009

20 projects under $20

Here's a challange- 20 home improvement projects under $20. What are your best ideas?!

Project #1 Paper mache wall (link to pictures is new)

My daughter and I started a paper mache wall in our half bathroom with all of her old artwork. It really made her feel special and was a creative way to reuse paper. The project was under $20 (DIY- of course) and did take quite a few hours.

Here's what you need (and a budget) 1 gallon white glue- $10.981" painter's tape- $2.98car wash sponge- $1.48Smoother (optional)- $1.36 Smoother from cut pieces of PVC piping (optional) Smoother from your finger drop cloth 2 buckets Here's how we did it: A- Tape off trim and fixtures and lay a drop cloth down on the floor. B- Mix white glue and water, about 60% glue and 40% water in a bucket. Fill the other bucket with water and put the sponge in it. C-Cut or rip paper into pieces. Consider your design based on the paper you are working with. (The larger the pieces, the faster the project.) D- Put some paper pieces in the bucket for a minute or so; them pull them onto the bucket side so they will drip most of the extra glue off. When putting pieces in, make sure each piece gets coated in glue, they will stick together and stay dry inside. D- Position the paper on the wall and use the smoother or your finger to get all the bubbles out. It is good to have a helper hand you paper strips, but not necessary. E- Wipe up extra drips and glue with the sponge, being careful not to move the paper. REPEAT We learned a lot in the first couple of hours and here are some tips and tricks we learned. 1-marker does not like to get wet--it runs. 2- paper after it dries is somewhat opaque and so if there is old wall paper underneath you can see it. (consider what your papaer as on both sides) 3- you can cover up mistakes with more paper. 4- start high and wipe up drips as you go along. 5- start with a base of plain or simple backgrounds and then layer the more ornate piece on top. 6- drop cloths do not clean up well once the glue has dried, make usre you use an old sheet. 7- Rooms have one floor and 4 walls- consider doing a paper mache floor. 8- Have fun!

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